Do you think that micro houses are gaining popularity?



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    This is the first I am hearing of it, and I took a few urban planning courses in college, so I guess that means they are gaining popularity. The concept is very intriguing. I think that it would be a good thing for people to live in smaller homes. However, I love to cook, so I would want a larger kitchen.

    Personally, I think that the ideal place to live would be a six-story apartment with alternating private and common floors and an elevator placed in the center of the building. The common floors would measure about 40ftx40ft and contain a kitchen, bathroom, and place where people could socialize. The private floors would consist of four separate rooms each measuring 20ftx20ft. People could do whatever they wanted to their private rooms or share them with close friends or family members if they wanted to convert one room to an office or something like that. The private rooms would detach from the frame of the building to allow people to move easily. That way, people could move closer to where they work so that they could walk or bicycle to work instead of driving. The six-story buildings would house between 10 to 12 residents. Because of the shared walls and floors/ceilings, the heating/cooling costs per unit would be very low. Anyway, that’s just my vision of how housing should work. Essentially, that would be like sticking twelve micro houses together and throwing three common rooms into the mix. With proper soundproofing (which would also insulate the complex), it would be a great way to have both privacy and the ability to live close to one’s family.

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    Considering the state of our housing market and the need to curb utility expenses, micro housing seems like a great investment. Japan has a great market for micro housing due to urban congestion and traditional social values, so it is great to see another nation hopefully follow in an increasingly efficient market. Younger folk who cannot afford a low valued home today can probably afford a micro home and also gain a sense of community through shared space and gardens.

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