Do you think that Michelle or Barack Obama is more green?



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    I personally think Barack Obama is doing more to reach out to people and law makers to introduce more environmentally friendly technologies. While Michelle might probably be “greener” in her consumption and way of living, using less transportation and such; but her individual footprint is much smaller than what Barack can do with his power.  

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    My skeptical opinion is that so far Obama has hardly done anything out of the campaign promises, environment included. I’m pretty sure that whatever ‘green’ stuff either of the two are involved in is purely for publicity to increase public support. That said, Michelle has somewhat less of a personal interest in that, so she would be more sincere.

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    It’s not very fair to compare either of them, since Barack Obama has the powers of the Presidency. I believe they both care about the environment, but they are in two different positions with different powers and different limitations. Michelle can’t attempt to pass legislation, but she can engage in programs and promote awareness. Barack Obama can try to enact laws, but is limited by Congress and partisanship.  I think they both care, and Obama is certaintly the best President the U.S. has had when it comes to caring about the environment.

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    It is hard to compare them to each other. I think they are both green for political figures, especially Michelle’s garden at the whitehouse. However, Obama has to take politics into consideration before he says or does anything “green.” Michelle has more leadway.

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