Do you think men or women have had a bigger impact on the green movement?



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    It is hard to say – so many people on this Earth have different habits; some of which might be more destructive to the environment, and others less.  Aside from ideological differences that effect people’s impact on the environment, there are also religious and cultural differences as well that should be considered. Overall though, I believe people in general are becoming more mindful of how certain activities hurt, or help the environment, which is why you see so many “green” ad campaigns and products now.  There is still so much more that needs to be done, but I think gender aside, we all need to do our part to work towards a cleaner, healthier world. 

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    According to this (feminist) blog entry, there are more women in environmental activism at the grassroots and local levels. However, there is a disproportionate number of men in positions of power in environmental organizations; women in some countries do not possess the means to change their situation in the same way men can, unfortunately. In addition, women are more prone to the adverse impacts of environmental catastrophes and yet they lack representation to defend against such events.

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    This question is polarizing. Answering it serves not to better the environment, but to separate people. Even if there were, or are, statistics that show that one sex or the other occupies more positions in green jobs, these statistics couldn’t, or can’t, tell you who does more for the environment. In addition, what does it matter?

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    It depends what you mean by “impact” on the environment. Impact in the sense of making positive change or destruction? I’d say that men are in positions of power to make great environmental change, but there are many women with that power as well. However, I feel that men are more likely to buy large trucks or SUVs that aren’t fuel efficient to show off. Overall, I don’t feel like the average man in the United States is as concerned with the environment. 

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