Do you think the media handled the gulf oil spill correctly?



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    I don’t know if I can make a distinction between “correct” and “incorrect”, but I know that if George W. Bush were in office, there would be wall-to-wall coverage of the oil spill, most of it based on Bush’s incompetence.

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    For once I am partially satisfied with the media’s handling of the situation.  Rather than sweeping a pressing issue under the rug for the next “Balloon Boy” the coverage has remained constant and consistent.  Although I wish more were being brought to light about the government’s neglect in the situation, I am impressed with how much pressure they have put on Tony Hayward to actually do something about this. 

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    There has been some really interesting coverage about the oil spill. I certainly don’t agree with the fear-mongering and Obama-blaming (he does have some part in it, but people forget that the president himself can only do so much) spouted by certain media figures, but many media outlets have taken a real, honest, and intellectual approach to the spill. Rachel Maddow did a really great special where she went to the Gulf Coast and both learned and talked about how the clean-up efforts (funded by BP) have been largely ineffective. I’m also glad that media outlets have, as an above poster noted, not forgotten about the disaster and moved onto a sensational story like Balloon Boy.

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