Do you think that the majority of Americans would be against a higher gasoline tax?



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    Generally speaking, Americans are almost never in favor of even a modest raise in taxes.  However, a New York Times phone poll concerning a federal gas tax showed that 55% of American adults would support a gas tax if it would reduce our dependency on foreign oil.  When you consider that other polls conducted on raising taxes in the same year showed that only 9% of Americans were willing to pay more taxes, I’m skeptical of the sample audiences’ representation of the typical American in the New York Times poll.

    I think the majority of Americans would be against a gas tax; though I believe there are some states that could potentially pass a gas tax.  If gas taxes are imposed at the state, rather than federal level, there may be some success.

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    I think the majority would be opposed. A lot of Americans are in financial trouble right now
    or perceive that the country is in grave financial trouble right now. Many people are concerned with just getting by day to day so any extra expense on the part of average people no matter what good it might do in the long run is not going to be welcomed by the majority. A 2007 study by Yale and George Mason showed that 67% of Americans opposed raising the gas tax to even just 25 cents a gallon. The economy has gotten worse since four years ago when that survey was done, so I imagine that 67% and maybe a few more people would still be opposed today.

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    I think that the majority would be opposed to a tax hike on gasoline.  It is very expensive to begin with and when you add an even higher tax, it becomes outrageous.  The federal minimum wage is $7.25/hour.  In an 8 hour shift, before taxes, someone makes $58.  So for those people earning minimum wage (college students, those who have been laid off and are doing anything to have some income) whenever you fill up your car it’s like working an entire day.   

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    I pretty much agree with what everyone else mentioned. I think that a higher tax on gasoline is a bad idea given current economic conditions. A lot of Americans also aren’t in a financial situation to go out and buy a new car, such as a hybrid. Hopefully the economy picks itself up and cheaper alternative fuel sources become more mainstream in America. 

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