Do you think that the Louisiana economy will take longer to bounce back from the oil spill than it did from Katrina?



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    Both Katrina and the oil spill have been horrible tradegies for the economy and people of Lousiana. The hurricane destroyed a lot of businesses and houses and was not exclusive to fishing and tourism businesses. However, the oil spill is slow and we do not know when the effects will subside or end. Tourism and fishing businesses general a lot of jobs and money along the Gulf so the oil spill may have a bigger impact on the economy.

    We can hope that better resources are now in place to help the people of Lousiana. Helping people find alternative work, even in the short term, and supplying them wiith resources and money will help the economy as the people will have money and can contibute to live and shop in Louisana. People are not being displaced to other locations as much as with Katrina so hopefully this diaster will have less of an impact, but I think the impact will be felt over a much longer period of time.

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    It’s really hard to say.  Both are/were extreme tragedies and it’s very difficult to tangibly compare the damages of the two.  The real problem with the oil spill, however, is the uncertainty — oil has been blasting into the ocean for months now and there seems to be no end in sight.  The longer it leaks, the more damage will be done to the environment and the economy of the Gulf Coast region.  It’s reasonable to say that the economy will take longer to bounce back from this disaster because we really have no idea when the tragedy will end.  

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    I think both events have been horrible for the state of Louisiana. Nevertheless, the oil spill will take much longer to clean up and will put much more people out of business. Additionally, Katrina pushed out much of the economy already, allowing the oil spill to do even more harm and devastate the community. 

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