Do you think that a lot of people want to drive electric vehicles?



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    Yes I do. It is a kind of depressing thought but maybe more people would want to drive electric cars if their image was better, more macho, cooler. If you put an electric car in one James Bond film and made it look really sexy, they might take off. They need to transcend the environmentalists. More demand will make the prices come down.

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    @ lucheuer – I understand your point, and I think that road goes both ways.  There are a lot of blue-collar folks who probably fear ridicule for driving an EV, and the social backlash is enough to keep them from buying one even if they know how much they’ll be helping the environment.  On the other hand, the social aspect could also be a great selling tool – suburban moms don’t want the other moms judging them for driving a Hummer, so they do everything they can to drive the most environmentally-friendly vehicle possible.  The middle ground is the ‘swing vote’ in this case – and I feel like as EVs become more viable options, most people in the middle WILL want to drive one.  If you’re presented with two options, totally equal except that one helps the environment and the other harms it, how many people would really knowingly choose the harmful option?

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