Do you think less people would buy Ben and Jerry’s ice cream if it wasn’t labeled “all natural”?

Somehow I don’t think that many people care.



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    I think there would be some people affected by the label, but I personally think that most people buy Ben and Jerry’s ice cream because it’s just plain delicious. So yes, I agree with you in saying that many people probably don’t care.  

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    The most brilliant marketing discovery of the 20th century, has to be the use of words like “all natural” to mislead consumers into buying something that’s supposedly “good” for them. Notice, most store-bought foods wouldn’t say “100% good for you,” since that would probably be un-provable. But because a potato is natural, and potato chips come from potatoes, it’s perfectly fine to say “all natural” on something that is known to contribute to heart disease.

    The front of any food, even organic ones, are no place to look for a sense of whether the food is good for you or not. Look at the ingredients on the back. If the list is long, don’t buy it. If the list contains words you can’t pronounce, or have never heard of, don’t buy it. You might find yourself frustrated the next time you go to the store if you take that advice, since food in America is mostly processed, artificial, and fake. It might cost a little more, but buy real food, go to farmer’s markets, sign up for a CSA box, make your own, grow your own, etc. and tell others to do the same. Good, wholesome, organic food can be the less expensive option, it just takes more people buying it to drop the prices down.

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