Do you think LeBron James made the right choice joining Miami Heat?



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    No I don’t think he made the right choice by going to the heat.  The Heat now have almost all of their salary cap filled by three players unless they take pay cuts, and you can’t win a championship with three players.  League rules allow them to sign players to minimum contracts, but there will be no quality to the other two starters and no depth whatsoever.  Lebron and Wade are both used to handling the ball for 90% of the game, and along with Bosh are used to being the center of the offense.  All of them are going to have to see diminished touches and shots, and I think they are going to get very frustrated.  All LeBron cares about is winning a championship so he can be considered the best player in the league, but even if he does win it now critics are going to say that it took joining two superstars to do it.  The Heat will always be Wade’s team, so he will be looking like the rich man’s Scottie Pippin with Michael Jordan.  Lebron would have been better going to the Knicks where it would have been his city even and he would have had a sidekick in Amare, or the Nets who surprisingly have a good young core that he could have easily made into a contender.

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    I don’t know how this question relates to the environment, but I’m going to try and provide an answer that does. 

    LeBron did what a lot of people in this country are doing: Moving to the Sun Belt.  It’s possible that, later in this century, the Rust Belt cities will be dwarfed in population by places like Charlotte, Jacksonville, Birmingham, etc.  In fact, it’s possible that they already are.  Will this shift in population leave crumbling ruins in places like Buffalo and Cleveland?  Will that have any sort of land-management impact?

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    It’s a personal decision he will have to live with for the duration of his basketball career. People in his hometown are not pleased with his decision and consider him a traitor. He may be getting a good deal that the public is not aware of so judging him from the outside is not advisable. Politics plays a part for celebrities and I am sure he isn’t choosing that team for nothing.

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