Do you think that lamb or goat will ever become more of our diet?



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    My personal opinion is that lamb and goat meat will probably not replace beef in the near/for-seeable future.  Lamb tends to be somewhat gamey in taste and I would imagine goat meat tends to be similar.  Beef still seems to be the most profitable variety of meat — allowing farmers a maximum return on profit.  Although some cultures do tend to eat more lamb and/or goat that Americans, I do wonder whether or not Americans might be more resistant to the idea of eating lamb or goat.  

    In addition, I would wonder if the cost of raising lamb or goat is comparable to the cost of raising beef.

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    I doubt it. Just like beef will probably not become a staple of diets in areas (the middle east) that enjoy goat and sheep. Eating beef is a part of the American culture for better or worse.

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