Do you think that the Kia hybrid will be a good seller in the United States?



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    Yes. Already this year Hybrid car sales are up 39%. And with gas prices not getting any lower and being eco-friendly at the front of people’s minds, the demand for hybrid cars is only going to increase.  By 2015, J.D. Power and Associates estimates that the U.S. will be responsible for 55% of global hybrid car sales.

     The best way to know how well the Kia Hybrid will sell it to compare it the best selling hybrid out there, the Toyota Prius.  Compared to the Prius the Kia has better warranty miles coverage, longer warranty years, roughly the same price, better rollover resistance, and better horsepower.  While the Prius does have better in-city fuel efficiency, better crash-test ratings, and a better turning radius overall the Kia Hybrid seems to be just as good or better a car than the Prius.  Based on this, sales in the U.S. for the Kia Hybrid should be pretty good.


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