Do you think education is the key to making our environment a better place?



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    It would definitely help! If everyone learned about environmental issues at school they would focus on it at a much earlier age, and many more people would be educated about what’s going on. This would definitely increase the level of awareness and prompt more people to get involved.

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    Definitely! Education is the key to conservation because many people simply do not realize that what they are doing is harmful to the environment. It is important to have education at all levels. Children are a very good place to start because they will go home to tell their parents and other family members about what they learned in school. They will pester their parents to recycle and ensure that they are doing it correctly.

    However, it also is important to education parents, grandparents, business owners, etc. This can be achieved through seminars and workshops. Publications can be distributed and billboards can advertise websites with more information.

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