Do you think that the Japanese would eat farm raised tuna if it was possible?



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    Yes, I think some people would eat the farm raised tuna, but many would not. Just is the case with farm raised fish in the United States.

    The main problem is that farmers inject hormones into the fish or grow genetically modified fish in order to grow them at faster rates. By injecting hormones or altering the DNA of fish vastly changes the taste and fat levels of the fish. Most farm raised fish is fattier than their ocean free cousins.

    As someone who was raised on the coast of Oregon and now lives in Georgia, I can tell you from experience farm raised salmon is no where near as good or healthy as fresh caught salmon.

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    Yes, I do believe that the Japanese would eat farm raised tuna. For example, Kinki University in Japan already features a closed farming system where bluefin tuna are raised in ocean tanks. What is interesting about Kinki University’s fish farming system is that the bluefin tuna have never been in the wild. 

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