Do you think its the Presidents job to explain climate change to the public?



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    The President’s job is to set the agenda and be the political guide of the country. Therefore, he should regard climate change as an issue to be tackled politically. But the job of the President shouldn’t be to explain the details of climate change, there are scientists, journalists, and teachers who should be in charge of it. The President has to explain why the political actions he is undertaking will be effective in resolving the problem.

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    If addressing the issue of climate change is part of a President’s policy initiatives, explaining the science behind the issue as well as why the issue is pertinent for the American public would indeed be part of their job.  However, such explanations would more likely be carried out by a government official heading an agency that deals directly in policy concerned with climate change, such as the head of the EPA or the Energy Secretary.  The President would most likely rely on these officials to craft the policy itself, while they would use their stature to get voters and members of the legislature to support it.

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