Do you think its possible to replace school text books with e-readers?



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    It’s certainly possible.  In some high schools, most of them private, students are issued a school laptop for homework, note taking, and presentations.  I could definitely see e-readers being issued in place of textbooks.  Considering a single e-reader costs less than a great deal of high school textbooks, I think it would be a fantastic idea.  It would also save a great deal of paper as new textbook editions replace old ones.

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    I absolutely agree. If every student was issued an e-reader for them to hold onto for all four years, the school’s savings would be significant. This holds true both because schools would purchase less books, and because e-editions of textbooks tend to be significantly cheaper than print editions. Now, schools have to purchase costly textbooks, and then new additions of those costly textbooks as they arise. Speaking from experience, what often ends up happening is students are saddled with textbooks which have faulty or outdated information. The problem remains, however, that the initial purchase of the e-readers would require a large amount of capital, more than most public schools would have at the ready (my high school, for instance, had around 1,800 students).

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