Do you think its possible to make nuclear energy safe?



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    We have the technology to facilitate safe storage and power production. The problem comes with disposal. If nuclear energy was widely used we would have to create facilities to dispose of it. These facilities would have to be quarantined and would be dangerous decades. It is feasible but perhaps irresponsible to invest in nuclear energy.

    Also, as we saw with Japan, natural disasters or other unpredictable events could result in the destruction of nuclear power plants; contaminating surrounding areas for years.  

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    Safe for who? Nuclear power has already been made safe for white people, but unfortunately Native Americans have suffered from being used at cheap labor to extract uranium and their homes have been used as dumping grounds for radioactive waste. Besides the obvious health problems associated with nuclear power, there are some deeper cultural/spiritual issues to consider.

    I would support the development of nuclear power if it took place in the center of a wealthy community because then they would take more precautions to keep the people safe.

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