Do you think its possible to have a paperless workplace?



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    I do think that it is possible to have a paperless workplace depending on the type of business. While it will certainly be easier for some business to make a shift than others. Digital technology is available for many business applications from design to banking. However, one issue may arise in the business to customer interface because customers may not have the corresponding technology for proper interaction. For example, if a customer wanted a receipt they would need to have a way to get it without paper and not everyone has access to a computer.

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    In today’s world of technological advancement it’s becoming easier and easier to not only envision a paperless workplace but to accept it as norm for some time in the future. The nature of the business will have a lot to do with how easily and whether it makes sense for it to become an e-business. However, just because a company transitions to e-form, doesn’t mean that its needs for paper will disappear. To address the above-mentioned points, today’s businesses can ignore the miniscule, if existing at all, customers that don’t have access to the internet. Also, e-receipts are becoming the norm for transaction record keeping purposes.

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