Do you think it’s the parents responsibility to teach their kids a greener lifestyle?


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    Yes, I definitely think it is a parent’s responsibility to teach kids a greener lifestyle.  Most of the values and ideas that we learn as children are taught to us by our parents.  If they aren’t the ones teaching kids to be green, then who is?  Television is getting more and more ecofriendly with commercials and reports, but for the most part these are not aimed at children’s television stations.  The parents have to be the one instilling the values of recycling, conserving energy, and other green ideas.  They may be able to get some of this at school, but although many schools are teaching environmental awareness, it is not one of their jobs to do this.

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    Yes! Parents are responsible for educating their children to be better citizens of the world and should instill values that will protect the planet.  Also, children should be getting environmental education in schools at all grade levels. 

    Finally, children need to get outside!  People who have a long cultivated relationship with the environment will protect it, while those who do not, will be less inclined to protect it.  Also, there are many other developmental benefits to spending time outside such as: increased ability to focus, better communication and problem solving skills and a higher self esteem.

    “In the end, we will conserve only what we love, we will love only what we understand, and we will understand only what we are taught.” –Baba Dioum, Senegalese conservationist

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      I agree with this answer. I have an 8yr and 26 yr. old, they both have been taught to recycle and compost. I’m very much into gardening and trying to protect what has been given to us. Let’s not abuse it, we need to protect it. For, it will turn on us one day and the future generation. This should also be taught in the school systems. There’s no harm in placing recycle bin in the hallways and cafeteria. Once children see it, observe others doing it, then it become second nature to them.

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    Yes, I certainly think so. While educating children about environmental issues in our schools is important, we cannot expect teachers to shoulder the burden of being parent to their students. Environmental consciousness needs to be instilled during the child’s daily life, and that is best done by parents.

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    I think it’s a shared responsibility between the parents and the schools. Schools can provide important information to kids while parents can lead by example and set a good standard at home.  Parents are mainly responsible, but I do think it is extremely important to have some sort of environmental education in schools for those kids who don’t have green parents.  

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    I agree with lovelyrita. Schools can definitely play a huge role in promoting environmentalism. Some students may perceive their teachers as more of an authority figure than their parents and therefore may pay better attention if green practices were taught in school.

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    It is absolutely up to parents to instill green living in their children. Government and interest groups can promote all they want, but when it comes to habits and lifestyle, parents must lead by example.

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    I agree, if the parents are not going to teach their children, who will? Only so much can be learned at schools, at some point kids are going to start emulating their role model, and that role model should be their parents. 

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    I think that parents definitely play a key role in instilling green values and a green lifestyle in their children. After all, the values and practices you learn at home become natural, normalized behaviors that stay with you your whole life.

    However, I don’t think we can push all the blame on the parents for generations of kids stuck in a rut of over-consumptive lifestyles; there is a greater systemic problem at work here, whereby kids are socialized in environments outside the home by things that encourage the naturalization of less green practices (i.e. corporations preaching consumption, societal pressures to be and have the best, media that discourages active thought and societal participation).

    This is not therefore a problem easily solved by parents or schools. Even if all the parents and primary schools in America had a sudden revelation and immediately started inculcating green values, the larger coercive voices of the media, corporations, and society at large would still place a huge pressure on kids (and their parents, for that matter) to lead less green lifestyles in the interest of economic growth and personal competition.

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    I agree that it’s the parents responsibility to teach their children about being green! Children learn a lot from school, their friends, role models, etc., but who was it that helped them get ready for school in the mornings? Who helped teach them to read and write their own names? To remember their home addresses? It was most likely their parents. Parents play a key role in child development. They are the first people they see every morning before going to school and the last people they see every night before going to bed.   

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    Certainly, it is incumbent upon parents to make their children more environmentally aware. Society and civilization certainly demand it. I think the best way for parents to teach their children to be environmentally responsible is to be an example of environmental responsibility and pass on a love of the outdoors.

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