Do you think that its our job to protect endangered species from extinction?



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    Yes, I do think humans should help protect endangered species from extinction for a number of reasons. First and foremost, losing a species to extinction could harm the balance of the ecosystem. When a species becomes extinct, it could cause the loss of other species within its ecosystem. In addition, certain plants provide medicinal purposes for illnesses and if we lose an important plant species, we may also risk losing a cure for an illness.

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    Absolutely!  While it is natural for species to go extinct occasionally, the rate of extinction in the modern world is much more rapid than usual, and the amount of species that are considered endangered are huge.  Today, 38% of all the world’s species are considered endangered, and up to 50,000 species go extinct every year.  Since the majority of these extinctions and population declines seem to be due to human activities (such as overfishing, poaching, deforestation, mining, etc.), and since they could potentially have huge impacts on our population, it seems sensible that we should take it upon ourselves to rebuilt populations and protect species from extinction.

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