Do you think its good or bad for a political career to believe in climate change?



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    I think that is crucial that for a someone to become successful in politics that they believe in climate change.  There is so much evidence of climate change that it is just foolish to say otherwise.  We can see with our own eyes what is happening, and to say that climate change doesn’t exsist shows that the politican making those claims is delusional and won’t do anything to help stop global warming.  

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    You should not be changing your beliefs to make yourself appear more popular. However, climate change is more about scientific fact than any belief. What we need are honest politicians who listen to scientists and make their decisions based on what will be best for all people. Your “beliefs” should rest in your core values about whether or not it is right to help people in certain venues, not whether or not something exists. That’s like asking if you should believe that the earth is round or flat. Beliefs are something that you should not have to ask anyone because it is something that you know in your heart to be true. A belief is more along the lines of “God loves me” and that is the kind of thing you need to decide for yourself.

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    I think that given the state of the economy, being environmentally friendly can save you money and make you feel good. I know that I feel good supporting the environment and helping to make the world a better place. Politicians should look to more forward thinking and sustainable goals for the future of our country. 

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    I feel like the topic of climate change and environmentalism often boils down to money, and people focus on how much money it would cost to make substantial policy changes rather than the amount of money that is currently spent by the government on things that are harmful for the environment, like oil subsidies. It seems like verbally supporting actions to slow climate change are beneficial for a political career, but actually acting on them in a way that would cost money or cause people to have to change their way of life are not.

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    I don’t think it is neither good or bad for one’s political career to believe in climate change. it really depends on the current political environment and what your constituents want. I think politicians represent their constituents, not themselves. Politicians need to give what the general public want, not the niche groups. In the long run, I believe supporting climate change and environmental issues will be good because supporting these issues also bring other positives like job creation, a more sustainable economy, technological advancement, and international competitiveness. 

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