Do you think it’s a good move by Honda to give up on diesel cars to focus on Hybrids?



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    Yes because each manufacturer posses a significant market share of a certain niche. Whether it be the rural market that prefers heavy load capabilities, the low-cost market, the commuter market that values better fuel economy, all of these markets are pursued separately. Manufacturers like GMC, Toyota, Chevrolet and Ford are already well established in the truck/diesel market. They are thought to have the most well-made trucks with desired features. Companies do evolve and with large amounts of capital at their disposal companies do sometimes pursue new market niches, if they think the venture will be profitable. But Honda is a leader in the sedan world and while they did begin a line of diesel trucks, their share of the truck market was a sliver; people don’t think of Honda when they think of trucks. It makes more sense for Honda to devote there assets to the growing hybrid market, a venture that seems more feasible for Honda.

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    Actually, I think that all auto manufacturers should focus primarily on plug-in electric vehicles that may or may not have ability to use additional fuel when they run out of charge. Pretty much everyone has access to a standard household electrical outlet, so it makes the most sense to make cars that can take advantage of that.

    For the rare occasions when people need to travel farther than 200 miles, I think that used cooking oil is the way to go. Any diesel engine can be converted to run on used vegetable oil, so I don’t think that auto manufacturers should give up on diesel entirely.

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