Do you think its better to own a hybrid car or an electric car?



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    I think at this point in the development of electric cars, hybrids are a more sensible option. Electric cars are feasible driving around town, but for longer road trips re-charging creates long delays and could leave the driver stranded if there isn’t a near re-charge station. This may seem like an insignificant reason but the driver who is often on the highway would definitely prefer the hybrid option. 

    In colder areas that get snow you need all wheel drive anti-lock brakes; there are several hybrid vehicles that offer this but no electric vehicles (in the consumer market).

    Lastly, electric vehicles are small and lightweight. They cab cells in electrics like the smart car and the Nissan Leaf are supposedly structured safely to absorb impact. However with the size of vehicles on our freeways and highways I for one would not feel safe in an electric car. 

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    I agree with what aaron10 mentioned, electric cars are more for casual use driving around town. Electric cars remind me of the Smart cars, which I would be terrified to drive on the freeway. Hybrids have a broader range of capabilities and are still better for the environment than a regular car. I love my hybrid and haven’t had any issues with driving it short or long distances. 

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    Some automakers such as Tesla are making cars that have a decent range before needing to be recharged.  The pricier Model S actually has a 300-mile range, which isn’t bad if you think about it!  To respond to aaron10’s safety concerns, the Nissan Leaf has a five star crash rating.  

    At the end of the day, aaron10 has a good point.  In order for electric cars to be successful they will not only need the ability to drive significant distances before recharging but recharging times need to improve a ton.  Charging stations might get a little full if each patron has to wait seven hours before hitting the road.  There is hope for the EV though. Nissan has been working on a charging system that can supposedly recharge a Leaf in ten minutes.  The cost of the system is too high to go to market at this time but it shows progress.

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    I think that right now it is easier to own a hybrid car.  You don’t have to worry about recharging and where you are going to do so.  As electric cars become more and more common I think that it will be better to own one of those.  The technology just needs time to evolve in order for it to beat out hybrids.  I think that we are well on the way to that point though.

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