Do you think its better to have nuclear waste or the waste caused by coal power?



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    That’s a tough one!  Both nuclear power and coal bear serious risks which, in the worst case scenarios, could be very dangerous both to humans and the environment.  However, it’s not really an easy comparison.  The burning of coal produces CO2, which contributes to global warming.  However, we do have a way of dealing with that: our current method is to bury the CO2 produced by coal in the ground.  While this does bear its own risks and potential impact, at least we’ve got some sort of method in use there.  Nuclear power is considered much “cleaner” as far as its greenhouse gas emission levels go.  Still, the storage of wildly dangerous radioactive nuclear waste remains a giant question mark.  While coal emits CO2 all of the time, and the worst-case scenario hazards of nuclear waste manifest only occasionally, the effects of those accidents are severe.  If appropriate storage of nuclear waste could be figured out, it seems like the better option.

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