Do you think it is wrong to keep elephants in zoos? Or…

does the educational benefits for humans outweigh the negative impacts on a particular animal?



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    A zoo is not the ideal spot for a wild animal. But, zoos typically seek out animals that are injured or otherwise would not survive alone in the wild. And those animals that are already in a zoo, for the most part, would not do well if suddenly released. In the case of this article, the elephant does need a companion. The zoo is acting in the best interest of an animal already living there.

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    I think that all animals should not be kept in zoos.  They are taken out of their habitat (unless they are born in captivity) and they do not have enough room to move around like they are naturally inclined to.  Having said this, there is obviously educational benefits. My solution would be to greatly decrease the number of zoos. We will get the education without the use of so many animals.  

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    It is a bit difficult to decide what is right or wrong.  A zoo that is poorly managed and places the animals in an environment of abuse is obviously wrong.  But, is it wrong to have a zoo if it helps bring a species back from the brink of extinction.  Zoo’s have helped keep giant pandas from suffering this fate by protecting, breeding, and bringing awareness to the plight of these animals.

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