Do you think it would be easier to have ereaders in high school or college?



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    I believe that it would be easier to have ereaders in high school, mainly because in high school the books are provided free of charge to the students.  The students are not allowed to write in the provided books, and therefore take all their notes on separate paper.  In college, students buy their own books and typically take large amounts of notes within their own books for ease of studying.  An ereader would most likely detract from the education of a college student while it would serve to benefit a high school student.  High school students would not need to a backpack crammed full of books, and there would be no discrepancies between who received a book in better shape.

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    I agree with brettleverett that ereaders would be more useful in high school, for exactly the reasons he stated: college students buy their own books and take notes in them, and it would reduce the damage commonly done to younger students’ backs from carrying large loads of books.  The problem, however, is that public schools (in the United States at least) are currently grossly underfunded.  While purchasing ereaders might save on textbooks costs in the long run, it would probably be difficult to convince state legislatures to invest that kind of money in the first place.

    In contrast, college text books are purchased by the students, and they’re currently notoriously overpriced.  Ereaders would save students a good deal of money. If they had features where you could highlight or even write notes in the margins, they would be perfect!

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    A lot of high schools already provide laptops to students. Students are used to reading from a computer screen. It should be easier and secondary students will probably have little to no adjustment for them.

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