Do you think it would be easier to expand the wind power we produce or the solar power we produce?



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    Personally, I think it would be easier to expand the solar power. Both have certain conditions that need to be met before they can be installed. Solar panels need to be in a place that is sunny often, or they will not be very effective. Near the equator is best. However, it is fairly easy to manufacture them to move as the sun moves and catch the most direct rays for the highest efficiency. For wind turbines to be most efficient, they have to be placed in the windiest areas (obviously). However, lots of animals use those windy areas for transportation. Birds use the winds to fly to different areas depending on the season, butterflies will come out in hordes to mate, etc. Those spinning wind turbines can just wipe out half of a population if they fly near it. Therefore it would be easier to just set up some solar panels and let them collect sun, rather than find a windy area and then have to do a bunch of studies to see what animals use that wind and how harmful the turbine could potentially be.

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