Do you think it will hurt the green industry if Obama doesn’t get reelected in 2012?



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    It depends on whether a Democrat or a Republican is elected. There is indeed a difference between campaign promises, ideology, and what actually gets done when a politician enters office, but there are many Democrats who will be much more proactive about environmental issues than Obama. Any Republican would be a clear downgrade — they view the EPA even existing as a threat to the economy and to growth, and although they may endorse some forms of alternate energy to appear “on the cutting edge,” they are still in bed with oil lobbyists, or are completely anti-government, and therefore anti- any regulation or spending that may further green causes.

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    I agree with DTSANG that it could not be good for the Green Industry if the elected President were backed by oil lobbyists. Though Americans are more aware of environmental issues and climate change, politicians are going to do whatever they want and may “talk” green using a political form of greenwashing, and not helping the environmrnt at all.

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