Do you think it will be good for the environment if we taxed cigarettes more?



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    I myself am a smoker, I know shame shame.  While I hate to say yes because I’m already paying $11 a pack, it definitely wouldn’t hurt the environment.  I try to be very responsible about my smoking and get all natural tobacco, never throw my butts out the window, and never smoke around people who don’t.  Unfortunately, most people just aren’t responsible smokers and those guys are usually the ones who smoke a pack or two a day.  The filters in cigarettes can last ten years in the environment.  I think people would be more likely to quit if they had to pay a lot more for their cigarettes.

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    I think that this will not make a huge difference. If someone is a smoker they will likely pay the extra tax, although perhaps not like doing so. They may smoke less, but likely will continue to smoke out of habit. In general most smokers are responsible about picking up their cigarette butts and do not smoke near people who do not like the smoke. Cigarettes decompose relatively quickly compared to a lot of things that go into the trash and they take up very little space.

    The extra tax may help a little bit, but there are many other areas that we can concentrate on to help the environoment that would have bigger and quicker impacts. These areas would include recycling and habitat destruction.

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    Yes although people will still be addicted, it will convince at least some of those smokers to quit due to the tremendous cost. This may reduce smoking greatly, but the tax has to be extremely high. It may also help the US deficit. Stopping smoking not only reduces the terrible pollution that is released, but also reduces the amount of littering of cigarettes. 

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    Reducing smoking in any manner is good – in terms of over all health care costs, environmental damage, pollution, second hand smoke and even the smell of people’s clothing and the litter.  Just as we don’t allow people to be exposed to things like asbestos, we shouldn’t allow them to be directly or indirectly be exposed to cigarette smoke as the health affects are just as serious.  Everytime we increase the cost – we have decreased the overall numbers of smokers, so it may only help a few more people to stop or never start and and that would help the enviornment as well as the people.

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