Do you think it is too late to slow down the deforestation of rainforests?



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    No it is never to late.  There are many factors at work in deforestation including: deforestation for cattle pasture, small scale and industrial farming, firewood collection, and logging.  Cattle deforestation could be solved by encouraging alternative methods of making a living, such as permaculture farming.  This alternative would be also be an excellent way to solve deforestation by farming.  Firewood conservation is achieved by the introduction of super efficient, “rocket stove” heating and cooking stoves.  Logging can be sustainable but it has to be done in a way that preserves, “legacy trees” so that a natural reforestation can occur.  All of these efforts will require massive educational efforts as well as start up funding but humans are nothing if not adaptable.

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    Of course not!  As they say, better late than never.  While it’s true that we will never get back those thousands of species that we lost, and due to the age and frailty of the rainforest ecosystem, it will be a long, long time before we’ll see any sort of recovery, as long as there is even an acre of rainforest left, it is worth preserving.  The Earth’s rainforest are an extremely valuable resource, providing us with food, medicines, and a means of battling atmospheric carbon.  A lot has already been lost, but there’s still a lot left that can be saved.

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