Do you think it is possible to cut an energy bill in half with efficiency?



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    Half might be a bit high, but a significant impact is definitely possible. Power usage and costs are down quite a bit in Japan for that reason.

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    It depends how much you use, but I think yes. Leaving computer screens on without putting it into sleep mode is a huge energy saver. Not using an air conditioning and maybe going out to the park on humid days is a huge energy saver. Shutting off lights when not in use adds up (a practice I’ve adopted fully over the last year and have enjoyed myself). Unplugging a plasma/LCD TV when not in use can save energy because they still often draw energy when not in use. Open the blinds in your house/apartment in the morning to let the light in so you don’t need to use light switches. Your room for improvement depends on what you’re all ready doing. We all have room for improvement, though.

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