Do you think that it makes sense to continue daylight savings?

Meaning, should we continue to fiddle with our clocks twice a year?



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    I’d say that is does, but not as much as it did back in the day when people used candles. And it did become somewhat of an inconvenience for more and more people. It’s hard to say if it’s worth the effort, but I personally don’t mind it that much. 

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    I’m not sure if it makes sense from an energy perspective (I would defer to any studies on that issue). But from a societal perspective, I think it makes a lot of sense. The extra daylight in the evenings promotes a more active lifestyle. It allows office workers to still get outside after they get off work and it gives children more time to play in the light. I think overall it promotes outdoor activities and increased safety. I, for one, took a long hike yesterday that I never would have done without the later sunset. 

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    I agree with number19.  The extra daylight is a physical reminder that spring is just around the corner, and I think it raises many peoples’ spirits, despite the hour of sleep it takes from their hangover recovery.  In the same vein, when the autumnal daylight savings switch comes around, many people are already having to wake up and go to work when it’s still dark.  That extra hour of daylight in the morning again gives a little bit of hope, and then Dec. 21 is not too far away. 

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    No definitely not. It was created when the nation was mainly made up of farmers. It allowed children to work on the farm before school and also attend public school. There is absolutely no purpose for it anymore. 

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