Do you think that it is important for the world that the United States leads the way with clean energy?



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    I don’t see why it’s important for a specific country to do so, no. Unless the rest of the world also wants to be green, it won’t make much difference. I would rather the United Nations grab all superpower countries, have a nice little convention, and change the world at once. 

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    I think the world looks to the United States in a lot of ways, whether it be to support or criticize.  The United States is remarkable in the way that it’s an individual country with incredible presence in Global relations.  When we do things the world likes, it sets a standard for following. When we do things the world doesn’t like, it opens us up to ridicule and resentment.  With clean energy, we can represent a leading presence and encourage other countries to participate.

    Yes, the US can strive to lead the way act as a role model on the issue.

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