Do you think it is important for the legacy of Barack Obama to get a climate bill passed that is strong enough to make a difference?

Its one thing to get a bill passed but if it doesn’t have any teeth behind it what good is it.



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    I do feel that getting a climate bill passed is very important for the legacy of Barack Obama.  During his campaign Obama promised change in many areas, with the environment being (in my opinion) the most important.  We voted for Obama because we believed he could bring that change, we didn’t simply see him as another lying politician.  He became one of us, a concerned citizen that we all could relate to.  If he does not follow through with the promise to begin the switch to alternative energy, it will destroy the image most Americans have of him.

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    Definitely. Obama promised two things above all in his 2008 campaign: change and effectiveness. He ran on a platform of increased transparency in the government, and also promised to manage and solve many problems created by eight years of adherence to fiercely conservative, status-quo politics.

    From a theoretical standpoint, progressive environmental politics represent an opportunity for Obama to prove himself as the President of change he promoted himself as. In the United States, bureaucratic institutions have been focused on stimulating and expanding corporate rights over environmental rights since the early 1980s. If Obama saw fit to restructure organizations such as the EPA and the IRS such that their executive constitutions become ones of strong environmental concerns as opposed to strong free-market concerns, it would most definitely affect huge and lasting change not just in the months to come but in the decades of policy that will be created after Obama leaves office.

    In closing, I think that when it comes to environmental policy, Obama has a huge chance to prove himself as someone who can create lasting, effectual, institutional change. If he fails to deliver here, it will not only cheapen his administration’s reputation, but also the reputation of the green movement, whose causes will continue to be promoted as either pie-in-the-sky idealism or alarmism which offers no pragmatic solutions to the problems it raises.

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    Every politician promises change, but do they actually do anything different from the norm. The answer is No. Barack’s biggest legacy right now is the healthcare bill, and that is not going to do anything drastically different. The climate bill may important to his legacy as a president, but it also depends on who you ask; looking at someone’s legacy is always relative.

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    Passing the a climate bill is certainly important for the legacy of Barack Obama. First, it will show that he could actually get legislature, especially controversial legislation, through the Congress. Secondly, getting a first climate bill passed will open up a gateway for other, more comprehensive and viable bills to be passed. These future bits of legislation could be beneficial to Barack Obama’s legacy in that they could possibly help turn back the tide of global warming. 100 years ahead, it would be great for people to think that they live comfortably/without the fear of climate change due to the catalysts set up during Obama’s presidency.

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