Do you think it is fair for Americans to use grain for fuel when the rest of the world is going hungry?



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    Interesting question Jaylincurtis4.  First of all, I think that it is unfair for anyone to go hungry ever.  No one should have to be hungry in a world that has so many resources and smart and compassionate people to help, but as we all know, hunger is still a problem.  While I don’t personally believe in using grain to make fuel in the first place (solar/wind power is much more ideal to me), I also don’t think it is necessarily fair for anyone to be forced into donating the grain that they work so hard to produce, no matter what the cause.  And just because America might be doing something with their food other than eating it, doesn’t necessarily mean that they should automatically have to donate that amount of food after they stop using it for another source.  I think the only fair solution would be for every country to donate a certain   percentage of their grain production, regardless of what they chose to do with the rest of their grain.

    Hope this helps!

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    No it is not fair. However, other countries that are going hungry could never afford American food, the only reason it is cheaper for us is because of agricultural subsidies. Corn Ethanol is not an effective food for fuel because it has so many food uses, and it is relatively energy inneficient for a biofuel. Sugar cane ethanol is a much more viable source of biofuel ethanol than corn.

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