Do you think it is ever to early to try and teach your children about how they effect the environment?



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    From day one it is important to teach your children values and life lessons. There should be no disconnect between those and the environment. Teaching your children about the environment should be a normal part of raising them and letting them see their affect on the world.

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    Not really. I wouldn’t try to explain more complex environmental problems like air pollution or global warming until they are capable of understanding it (3rd grade, maybe?), but for simpler things, sure. Your children can see for themselves how a well-tended garden can grow fruits and vegetables, for example. They can also see how the messes they make are bad for their immediate environment. You can draw a comparison between this and “messes” people are making on much larger scales to the environment.

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    Yes it should be very important. You should tell them about the basics, not the details, at least make the aware. There are fun projects out there to make it easier to teach them and bottom line they are fun! Here is a great link to teach them about energy

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