Do you think it diminishes the animals quality of life when we domesticate them?



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    This is a really hard question to answer objectively since we have no real idea what an animal looks for in having a good quality of life. That being said, if we assume that an animal’s quality of life goes up when it has steady access to food, shelter and health care then domestication may actually improve the animal’s quality of life, specifically animals which are domesticated as pets (dogs and cats.) However, the term domestication also covers farm animals such as cows, pigs and chickens, all of which are usually doomed to be eaten. In such a case, these animal’s quality of life actually decreases because they are given no freedom, generally treated poorly, and inevitably end up being killed to be eaten. Thus, how an animal’s quality of life is affected by domestication is dependent on the type of animal, and the purpose of the domestication.

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