Do you think it is a better idea to work for an electric car battery company or the electric car company itself?



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    There is a huge surge in investment in both those industries.  One positive in working for a electric car battery company is that if one of the electric car company goes under, the battery company can turn its focus on another company that focuses on electric cars.  But both industries are have a lot going for them and a good position with a good company will take you a long way.

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    I’d say if electric car company because they have a much larger overall impact. Working for an electric car company involves many aspects that have to be addressed and can dramatically change the way we travel in a couple of years. However battery companies have no say in this, they can only supply the demand for whatever is needed. They don’t really have room to impress or radically change the future. It comes down to what you prefer, leading a potentially massive green movement, or supporting it. I, for one, would prefer leading. 

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