Do you think that the issue of global warming is losing its head of steam?



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    Global warming seems to still be going strong, although it has temporarily been shoved on the back burner, at least int he United States, by the recent BP oil catastrophe. But the rest of the world has not forgotten, particularly China, who is trying to green up their image, so the issue will still be going strong, maybe with more emphasis now that we’re seeing what oil can do.

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    I believe that the issue of global warming has lost a lot of its steam.  Because of the recession most people have given up attempting to reduce their carbon emissions because, put simply, it is cheaper to pollute.  It is much easier and cheaper to stay with our current system than it is to completely change to renewable energies.  

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    I believe that the global warming issue has lost some of its steam due to the recession. Most people at heart only care about themselves and their jobs. If they are losing jobs than they will begin to care less about the environment and more about bettering the economy. As Bill Clinton once stated “It’s the economy stupid.” However, I do believe that the BP Crisis has helped the global warming issue because it shows the direct detrimental effects of oil, not the indirect effects that often cause global warming. People like to see things directly, with their own eye. 

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    I think there’s a polarization of people on the subject.  While there are those who believe strongly in global warming and witness the effects, there are those on the opposite end of the spectrum who are convinced the changes we see are natural and unaffected by humans.  Then there are the people who fall somewhere in the middle.  Those recent emails that lay claim to exaggerated climate change emails by global warming scientists didn’t help the cause, but …. i still think the trend is growing to an awareness and acceptance of global warming, with continued efforts to deter it.

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    Because of the recession, I believe that a lot of environmental issues including global warming have been pushed to the side.  When the majority of Americans are so worried about having enough money for the bills, it’s hard for them to think about donating to environmental causes. What’s really ironic though, is that going green can save us a lot of money and get us out of this recession. There is an entire green job market that is untapped.  Hopefully the current administration will still remember the environment even through tough economic times.  

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