Do you think the invention of the internet has been a good or bad thing for the environment?



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    There is certainly a camaraderie that hasintensified in the green community because of the internet.

    It is clear, simply by the existence of this website, that environmental issues have a clear and accessible forum because of the internet as well.

    Overall, I think that the internet has benefited the environment, as it has increased communication about environmental issues, and made information about environmental processes, products, and action readily available.

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    This would depend on the angle of approach. As mentioned above, the internet has helped in disseminating information about environmental issues and overall making it very accessible. From that standpoint, I would say that it has had a positive impact.

    On top of that, I would add that the internet has also streamlined transaction processes in the sense that it is now possible to access bank account information without having to wait for a monthly statement. Many have taken advantage of the option to go paperless, which certainly saves a lot of paper. But then again, the ease of purchasing things online diminishes the necessity to go out and buy items personally, which translates into extra packaging required to ship items to a person’s home. It’s difficult to give a definitive answer to this question because there are so many factors to consider, but my general impression is that it’s a good thing.

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    Yes, but you might want to also consider that the internet has boosted the growth of globalism by intensifying international communication. And as we know, globalism is negatively impacting our environment in many ways. For instance spreading pollution all over the world as major industries begin to branch out. Also as the demand for more imported products increase, the more resources are used to meet those ever increasing demands. All in all, the internet has become in it’s own way a catalyst for this growth.

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    Yes, I think the Internet has been good for the environment. Environmental problems are no longer local concerns. They can be communicated to a much broader audience. The Internet has allowed the those with environmental concerns to address them in a much larger context.

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    I beg to differ and say that the effects of the internet on the environment have been decidedly mixed. By people wanting to use computers more often and for a longer period of time, more energy to produce electricity (most of it by fossil fuels) has to be used up. But as more and more people turn to the internet for news and information, newspapers and magazines as we know them will eventually cease to exist, saving trees in the process. Of course, there’s plenty of good information out there about the environment but there’s also plenty of misinformation about the environment, and it can often be difficult to separate fact from fiction on the internet. At present, it is probably impossible to tell whether people are getting more informed about the environment as a result of the internet or whether people are getting more misinformed. 

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    Valeriec5 brings up a good point about the high level of energy consumption by computers. However, I think that the advent of the internet has opened the doors for new and sustainable technology, such as the digital music industry and ereaders, whose focus is to cut paper usage. The internet has given birth to this digital age, and other kinds of technology are following suit and becoming digital as well. The high usage of energy that accompanies the internet has likely made people more aware of the energy that we consume, and has led to discussions about alternative energy sources. 

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