Do you think that insects can actually become a good source of protein for Americans?



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    Many other countries already eat insects on a daily basis.  Insects are  considered a good source of protein in general.  Americans don’t rely on insects because we have so many other food options.  For Americans, eating bugs are odd or gross, making the practice seem unsophisticated.  With much less fat than ground beef, there are over a thousand edible insects with many different ways to prepare them (you can even bake them in cookies!)  It would take some getting use to, but eating insects in America would be a great option to beef.

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    There are so many reasons to switch to insects as a protein source (raising insects requires less energy, emissions, low-fat protein), but I don’t see this taking off as a trend in the United States. I don’t think Americans see the practice of eating insects as unsophisticated; it’s just not at all a part of our culture. Yes, I’d say many to most Americans are disgusted by the thought of eating insects–the act is seen as something out of Fear Factor–it’s very exoticized. However, there are some who are trying to convince people to make the switch: the New York Gastronauts is an adventurous eating club that wants to spread the love of entomophagy (eating insects).

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