Do you think that the industrial revolution of the United States hurt the environment more than any other time period?



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    I think it is fair to say that the Industrial Revolution was a bad time for the environment, but in my opinion its hard to say if it was the worse. The Industrial Revolution definitely changed the course of human history permanently and during that time the population worldwide grew immensely. The Industrial Revolution also caused production to be valued over the human condition, a trend that definitely contributed to the degradation of the environment. During the Industrial Revolution there also was a change in resources, whereas there had always been more than enough for the entire course of human history, now there was scarcity and over consumption. So while it may not have been the worst time for the environment, I would argue that because of things that happened during the Industrial Revolution, it definitely has contributed to the degradation of the environment. For me I think all of human history has been pretty bad for the environment, especially since the Industrial Revolution. It’s hard to discount what came before, because after all, that led up to the Industrial Revolution.

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    No I think agri business in general and the opening of the west destroyed  the environment much more than the Industrial Revolution.

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    That depends on how you look at it. If you’re asking whether it’s the worst man-made thing to happen to the enviornment, maybe. It did cause a lot of pollution itself, and technology devised then has been used as a precedent for more and newer technologies. India and China are currently expanding production at a massive rate, producing a heck of a lot of pollution. Arguably, that wouldn’t be happening if the American industrial revolution didn’t occur first, but you can’t discount the amount of pollution going on in those places right now.

    However, if you’re just talking about bad times for the environment, I would have to say, resoundingly, NO. Man is not the worst thing that has ever happened to the earth. The enviornment has been long affected by natural occurances before man came around. Ice ages wiped out whole populations of thousands of creatures. The dinosaurs were killed by a large asteroid plummeting to Earth. It threw up dust that killed tons of plant life, and most of the animal life on the planet. So, on a large scale, no, the American industrial revolution has not been the worst thing ever to happen to the enviornment.

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