Do you think increasing education about wrinkles in women would be a good way to fight skin cancer?



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    I don’t think so.  I think women start to fear wrinkles after the time when they have done a lot of damage to their skin.  In our youth we want to be tan and generally cannot think past our teens/twenties.  However, when we get to be 30 and 40 we start worrying about wrinkles.  I think we have already done enough damage to our skin to initiate skin cancer by the time fear of wrinkles would really help us.  I suppose it is never too late to try though.

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    Yes.  I’m an aesthetician, and women are extremely sensitive to wrinkles, at any age.  A lot of women may start to see fine lines as early as their 20’s, and then take a proactive approach to skin health.  There are machines (such as a dermascope) that act as “a fortune teller” showing sub-layers of skin and expected results that will surface in the years to come.  When people start spending $$ to keep their skin youthful in appearance, they will be more apt to pay attention to what causes the damage they are paying to fix.  90% of wrinkles are attributed to sun, that’s a HUGE statistic….and the two can go hand in hand.  Since being in the aesthetics program, myself (a previous sun worshipper) and the other girls i work with have all become wiser about sun exposure. For cancer prevention, but mostly for wrinkle (and hyperpigmentation) prevention.



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    I definitely think that increasing education about wrinkles would be a good way to fight skin cancer.  Just recently I turned twenty, and I am already thinking about preventative measures I can take to fight skin cancer and wrinkles.  Many of my friends who are my age express concern as well.  I have had numerous older women tell me that I should work in preventing them while I am young.  I believe that if wrinkle education becomes a widespread campaign, then it will lead to significantly fewer cases of skin cancer.

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