Do you think that an inconvenient truth should be shown in high school?



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    I think that there are better ways to teach students about global warming in less time. You could show them a much shorter video and then see if they have any questions. As a political figure who lost a presidential election, some students may not respect the words of Al Gore. I think it is more important to point out to them that global warming is recognized internationally. You can do this by telling them of the existence of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The IPCC can also provide both you and them with the most current research on climate change.

    If I absolutely had to show a documentary to students to fill time, I would choose “Who Killed the Electric Car”

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    I think there is a lot of valuable data and messages in An Inconvenient Truth, but one of the issues with the United States getting the nation’s support on climate change initiative is the politicizing of the issue. When An Inconvenient Truth was shown in one of my freshman college courses and my professor asked for reactions to the film, some students said that they didn’t believe any of the movie solely because Al Gore was the figure presenting information and he was a democrat. The movie may alienate more conservative people. I always think a great idea is to have a speaker from an environmental group. This enables students to ask questions and get answers.

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    I think that An Inconvenient Truth can be a useful tool in bringing awareness in high school students. However, I would always take everything you see or hear with a grain of salt—especially when it features such a strong bias in one direction. I strongly feel that an issues such as this that people should not just be taught one perspective on the issue. Al Gore make a lot of good points in the movie, and there are many other sources making similar points (many better than this movie), but both sides need to be presented to the class in one way or another. If a teacher shows this film, discusses it in length and then also teaches the students about the other side of the argument then I see nothing wrong with showing An Inconvenient Truth. High school students especially should be learning how to think and do research for themselves and not just eat up the first biased opinion they come across. This way the can back up their opinions legitimately and can someday make strides towards making positive change in the world.

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    I think the Inconvenient Truth should be shown in high school. Even though the documentary is a propaganda piece the documentary presents a very comprehensive set of research that is credible and current. I think the students can learn a lot about the science behind climate change and the greenhouse effect. High school students are old enough to make their own judgments on what they see and hear. 

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