Do you think if scientists concluded something that went against the average environmentalist’s cultural predisposition then that person would doubt the science similar to how non-environmentalists doubt climate science today?



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    I am a person of science (engineering degree), and an environmentally conscious person. I believe that scientists have proven their ability to make mistakes, even when using the scientific method. Science has a fairly good track record, but there are many theories that have later been shown to be completely wrong.

    Because of the previous track record for science in general, I think there tends to be some measure of doubt among the general public about scientific conclusions. That doubt is reinforced when common sense or reason run counter to scientific conclusions.

    But even as a person of science, I have to agree that a little skepticism is healthy.


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    It is entirely possible. Sometimes personal bias can get in the way when being confronted with gathered data, and can cause doubt among the most avid supporters. This is why I believe in the importance of separating theories from proven facts. Theories remain theories until they are proven with complete absolution to be true or not. As mentioned above, science has had just as many misses as hits, but new information always provides new insight. One could say it is very human to think we know everything about the world and beyond, and even the wisest mind can feel drawn down when proven wrong. I believe there will always be just as many disagreements among the scientific community as consensus.

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