Do you think if GM made a hybrid corvette it would sell?



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    I feel confident that there would be a market for it, although it may be smaller than the market for the current corvette, as it may alienate some of its fanbase – or people that equate the corvette with some sort of nostalgia.

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    A hybrid corvette might see like an oxymoron, but as long as its performance is comparable to the traditional model, there may be a market for it. But serious Corvette enthusiasts tend to have an emotional bond to the brand, so any big changes like installing a hybrid drivetrain might cause dissent among Corvette purists.

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    Corvettes have been around for more than 50 years. They are seen as one of the classic muscle cars. To make a hybrid corvette that sells it would need a lot of horsepower, since that is one of the reasons why people buy corvettes, and it would to have the stylish appeal as a regular corvette. The corvette does not seem like the best choice for a hybrid vehicle, but for people that must have a corvette it should be more efficient than a non-hybrid corvette.

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