Do you think that if an efficient subway system was built in Los Angeles people would use it?



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    Yes, definitely. There are already millions of people that utilize the light rail system in Los Angeles with ridership averaging 8,8846 per route mile, more than the Bay Area Rapid Transit or the Chicago ‘L’. The addition of subway lines would probably increase ridership. However, such a large and costly plan would probably prove to be too logistically and economically unfeasible. 

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    Absolutely.  With commutter traffic in Los Angeles being the worst in the United States often times taking anywhere from 1 to 3 hours to travel very short distances, I am positive a subway system would not only decrease the amount of cars on the road, which will help cut the high carbon emissions and smog issue in the city, but would give commuters another option for travel.

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    I think the idea of a subway system in Los Angeles is a nice idea, I just don’t know how practical it would be to implement. The region’s large earthquake activity would also make me wonder just how safe such a system would be. However, I do agree that it would make a great difference on commuter traffic. The city as a whole needs something to be done, since traffic continues to get worse. 

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