Do you think that Hummer will be picked up by any other company or do you think its going to disappear?



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    Well Im hoping to God that it just disappears.  I’m hoping that people just wise up and understand that it is completely ridiculous to own one of those. 

    However, in reality, my thoughts are that when the economy goes back up they will re-launch the Hummer.  They probably have some stupid slogan like, “The Return of the American Classic” or some other nonsense.

    There will always be people who just feel the need to drive around in big, useless vehicles. 

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    Uninformed tree hugger,  I personally own two hummers H3 and H3T,  The H3 line is the same as a Jeep Grand Cherokee or Tahoe or anyother suv.  Both get around 20 mpg and are very capable vehicle.

    As for needing it, well not all of us live in some 300 sq ft apartment in a big inner city. Some of us live on where a vehicle that will tow or pull something is needed we cant all drive matchbox green cars. 

    I would be willing to bet that my carbon footprint (as big a farce as it is) is still smaller than yours.  Because I with 40 my 40 acres of green grass and trees produce enough oxygen for you to breath which is good because obviously due to your near sighted views someone else would put it to better use.  Stop taking up oxygen that a sentient being could be using.

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    The Hummer is never going to disappear. The military will always have use for large transportation vehicles. However, I am sure technology will catch-up and the Hummer will be produced with a more efficient engine.

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