Do you think that humans should try to save old trees the way we try to save animal species?



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    Yes.  Trees in their native environment play a key role in our ecosystem in moderating the climate, preventing erosion, and cleaning our air.   Older trees are more likely going to be a native species and serve as a natural habitat for animals and insects, specifically bees.  In fact many endangered animals are endangered because of deforestation of native forests.

     It is important to distinguish between old native trees and newer invasive trees, because while one brings benefits to its ecosystem, the latter can wreak havoc when it is introduced into a new ecosystem. Unfortunately there’s been a lot of introduction of foreign trees into environments in which they are not suitable.  This has mostly been for industrial purposes, but the tree seeds spread, take over, and destroy ecosystems.  An example of this are pine and eucalyptus trees in Chile, which replaced many native forests and contributed to desertification of once-fertile land.   

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