Do you think that humans could survive if we killed all of the rainforests?



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    It is obviously impossible for us to know this, and hopefully we will never have to find out. But, the rainforest is really crucial to the survival of humans. 

    The rainforests play a huge part in filtering the abuse that humans cause to the environment. Trees jobs are to absorb carbon dioxide, a gas that is harmful to humans in large quntities, and turn it into oxygen, what we need to live. Without the rainforests, climate change and global would be rapidly accelerated and human health would greatly decline. This would cause massive droughts, lack of food and extreme natural disasters with more frequency. 

    Any plants and animals left after complete deforestation would die almost immediately. The upper canopy of the rainforest provides shelter from the sun for animals and maintains specific temperatures on the forest floor. Without these trees for cover, thousands of species would die off rather quickly. 


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    no they would not exist

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