Do you think that humans could ever go extinct?



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    It is very possible, especially in the event of a large scale natural catastrophe like a huge volcano that blocks out the sun for an extended amount of time. Other than that, a population decrease is more likely. The human population could decrease due to famine, disease, warfare, lack of water, and any perfect combination of these variables.

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    I personally believe so. Despite being the dominant species on the planet, there are still things that are out of our control. Like Mercurycommunication stated, it would only take a natural catastrophe, or a mixture of unfortunate events if you will, to wittle down our population to zero. Mass-extinctions have happened before, you can’t expect them to stop happening simply because we’re here now.

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    I think we can. If a meteor hit us or something happened that caused the world to go boom, then it would wipe us out. I am not sure the odds of that happening, but I do believe that it is possible. Maybe a virus will start and we could be completely wiped out from that. There are many different ways that this could happen, but they are not super likely.

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    Taking a look at history, there are a variety of ways that people could go extinct through the comparison of how other species have gone extinct. For example dinosaurs died out from natural causes. Massacres have also wiped out humans in certain areas at certain eras such as Rwanda. Hurricanes, climate change, disease are all afoot. There’s a vast array of potential triggers that could wipe as out, but as a whole it is unlikely that it will be any time soon. Eventually the world may reach a point where it can no longer sustain life, the natural resources will become depleted and not enough land with be available to grow crops, however given the circumstances and growing awareness and compassion that is hitting the hearts of people, that too may be a feasible feat to overcome.

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    The key is the next century or so. If we can advance to the point where technology leads to colonization in space, or a more advanced AI, then the human species may become unextinguishable. If our irrational tendencies, resource shortages, etc. hit us hard before then, then we may very well become extinct.

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    Some versions of environmentalism have taken on an evangelical tone that defies the math of climate change. It’s easy to forget that we have already been in extinction for hundreds of years, and that even if we suddenly achieved zero emissions, we will not stop the planet’s tipping point , which is a tiny temperature increase that geological history has proven to be the triggering factor in all of the other 5 extinctions. But remember, extinctions are part of the Earth’s carbon rebalancing system! Human population is not going to correct itself, nor will resource management when climate systems have shifted or destabilized where crop growing, wind farming, hydroelectricity technologies are being invested in and implemented. If it weren’t for the KT event 65 million years ago that ended the reign of the dinsaurs we would not be here today. In short, extinction is already happening. Rather than try to manipulate the environment back into something we can sustain, it makes more sense to find ways to adapt to the instability that will now be the new normal. That’s called survival of the fittest, and it is how nature works.

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    Theoretically it’s possible, but I would not classify it as probable in any sense. Humans currently populate the planet in tremendous numbers, and even a massive catastrophe would likely leave at least some isolated segment of our species alive. As mercurycommunication stated, there are many smaller concerns that could profoundly reduce the viability of human survival on the planet (water could be a huge tipping point).

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    Yes, I do think that this is possible one day, when I put into perspective the age of the Earth, the length of time that humans have existed and the concept of infinite species continuation. During the Earth’s 4.5 billion years or so of existence, constant changes have produced evolution and extinction of species. Hominids evolved from chimpanzees about 6 million years ago, and Homo sapiens first appeared about 100,000 years ago. From only about 25,000 years ago, modern Homo sapiens sapiens have inhabited the planet. This time span of modern human existence is quite small on the grand timeline of the Earth. So many ancient species have succumbed to extinction. So, I’m not exactly sure if, when or how humans will go extinct, but I think it is plausible. I can’t exactly fathom the idea that modern humans will survive as a species forever.

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